Child Abuse Foundation
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Did you know that an instance of child abuse is reported every ten seconds?  That’s just one of the startling statistics that explain why we feel supporting child abuse prevention programs is so critical. 

The grim fact is that almost five children die every day as a result of child abuse, and more than three quarters are under the age of four.  But as disturbing as these statistics are, the real toll is even greater: It’s estimated that for every instance of child abuse or neglect that’s reported, two more remain undetected. In fact, it is believed that between 60 and 85% of child fatalities caused by maltreatment are not recorded as such on death certificates.  Among the survivors, there’s an increased risk of alcohol and drug abuse, and a third will go on to abuse their own children and perpetuate the cycle. 

This is more than a tragedy for the children involved. Child abuse takes its toll on communities everywhere, as well. Of the inmates in our prisons, 84% were abused as children. And all told, the cost to our nation of dealing with the consequences of abuse and neglect was estimated at $104 billion in 2007. 

With your help, we can help prevent the unconscionable act of child abuse, and change the startling facts that go with it.  Together, let’s help give a voice, and a chance, to abused children everywhere.